She took a bite of the buttery, fluffy waffles. Maybe we should talk to them separately though, I don't Fitz is very happy with me right now it might be best if I talk to Biana and you talk to Fitz, Keefe suggested. Hey people! Keefe can we talk? Sophie asked. Like, the myth of the half horse, half human? Keefe isnt my boyfriend. When Sophie turned seventeen, Edaline and Grady made the surprise they were going to have another kid. Sophie reached towards his hand and this time he didnt let go. Hes become a less and less dependable friend, and with the way hes been acting this trip, I just gave up trying to keep our relationship intact. Even with the night growing later and the moment fleeting, it was and always would be a perfect vacation. Across the hall, Sophie could hear the boys laughing, and knew that they were nowhere near ready to go to the beach. He pulled out seven more identical boxes, tossing them to each one of his friends, even giving one to Tam, and saving one last box for himself. That's why I got it. Ok, Sophie said with a large sigh, not looking forward to this conversation. Anyway, now that Im cool about the whole matchmaking thing, dyou think we could maybe, No. It wasnt Sophie that answered, but Keefe. I was kind of under the impression you still liked me. he finally said, his voice icy cold. She looked at the screen. Im glad youve come to the same conclusion I did., Yeah, me too. She's been known too, ah, cause 'problems' with her 'clumsiness', in CONTAINS SPOILERS Sophie Foster is confused. Hey, Dex, where did Keefe go? she called out to her friend, who was lying down on a towel a couple of feet away. The wheels touched the ground softly, as the plane screamed to a slower pace with an ear-shattering rumble. Youre so lucky. Dont worry about us. Sophie rolled her eyes, but couldn't hold back a smile. And that ones Amaranthis, isnt it? Keefe pointed to another star, and Sophie saw that he was indeed correct. Keefe is this whole plate one piece of pasta? Sophie asked suspiciously, as ridiculous as it sounded. More episodes to come! He jumped back, dropping the comb. Hey, guys, Sophie mumbled, face turning fiery red. Well, they have a lot of farmers markets and fun stores, and fancy restaurants you could go to with your boyfriend, Sophie, Cora said wiggling her eyebrows, Yknow the blonde one, Keefe right?. And I bet Grady and Gigantor agree with me. he mumbled, sounding sad rather than witty. Find out what happens, tomorrow in Confession- A Sokeefe Fanfic *this is my 1st fan fiction* please don't judge. Thanks for reading, enjoy! I wanted to do something nice to commemorate our last full day here. We kissed. She buried her face in her hands, not ready to face everyones reactions. This is really good, no wonder you ordered it. Sophie couldnt believe he preferred the crepe to the waffles, which she already wanted more of. Whereas before they had been silent and tense, now they held hands and laughed, sharing memories and inside jokes. "What are you doing? I looked for you all over the beach! A few weeks later, Sophie realized something that turns her world upside down. Keefe sat, pulling Sophie down with him until she was sprawled in his lap comfortably. Sophie turned her head to see her younger brother and sister, Aurnia and Benji, bounce into the room. "It's twins!" The only way out now was to tell the truth. As they passed a colorful booth, Cora squealed in excitement. Until one day, her guilt wins out. I decided to get everyone rings, since we all have plenty of other jewelry, and I still wanted to get something to remember this awesome trip, Keefe started, walking closer to his friends, Biana, Fitz and your rings are amazonite, which is teal. #teamfoster-keefe The dress was a striking, deep red. It does sounds kinda bad when you put it that way. She replied, but went on when she saw the dejected look on Keefes face. Hey you know that none of this is your fault. Keefes cheeks flushed with a twinge of red as he whispered back, Sorry, this is just weird. This place is the best, Biana commented, sitting up. He wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed her tight. Id say Im a pretty bad influence on you. So what movie should we watch? Sophie asked, trying to ease away the embarrassment. They stayed like that for a long time, sitting quietly in the calm before Sophie felt her snuggle-induced drowsiness overtake her and could feel her eyelids drooping by the second. She knew the homework was due tomorrow, but he felt so warm and nice and before she knew it, she had already given in to the temptation of Keefe's distractingly warm arms around her. Yet somehow, despite Sandors loud protests, they were going to Kauai, a beautiful tropical island in the Forbidden Cities. Keefe leaned sideways and whispered to Sophie, So. what exactly are we supposed to do? Right now though, its you. The human girl smiledwith a small laugh. Is there anything we could do to make it better? she tried one last time to be friendly, but Fitz just wasnt having it. Sophie suspected hed be in for amucheasier discussion than she was. That was something. Sophie didnt quite know what to say now that Fitz had left. This was right. You alright there?, Ummm Not really. She admitted with a sigh. Keefe eventually stood up, grabbed her wrists, and looked her dead in the eyes. You're so light!" She rolled her eyes, but kissed him again. Ill explain in a minute just come with me, Keefe said as he pulled her away toward the town. Sophie said, rising up off the desk chair and letting Keefe guide her to the soft chair in the corner of the room. She never had to think about what to say with Keefe. She felt her heart flutter, the same way it usually did for Fitz. Hi! It wasnt cool of me to put pressure on you about matchmaking, or about anything at all. Where have you been? cooper neurology cherry hill phone number; on the beach advert 2021. why did john hopkins leave midsomer; japanese motorcycle importers australia; december 1999 calendar I wanted to set up something like in that movie we watched, but its not working at all, he explained, poking the spaghetti with a fork as if he hoped it would magically fix itself. The stack could've outweighed half the store. Small boutiques and bigger chain stores were stationed on all sides. Yep. And those ones over there, to the left, those are Lupus-. She was surprised that Fitz hadnt told anyone about their argument, not even his own sister. Arent you forgetting something? He asked, waving a bright blue elephant in a Hawaiian shirt in the air. "I'm so excited. Sophie plopped down on the sand, feeling the warmth of the heat seeping into the sand from the sun. Well he WAS an Empath. Now lighter than air, Sophie turned to follow Keefe back to the beach. But as long as we can be together, I dont care at all what the world thinks. Good night, Fitz echoed, seeming exhausted from all the talking, Thanks for hearing me out. He left, and then the two of them were alone in the hall once more. In fact, it didn't seem to end. Gate 8 now boarding, all passengers of flight 16b to Kauai please report to Gate 8. The attendant repeated, their voice amplified by the speakers overhead. You know I dont like this kinda stuff, Sophie complained, Why are you still making me do it?, Because unlike you, the rest of us are enjoying this. Across the many aisles of clothes, Sophie could just make out Linh, Marella and Cora talking excitedly about something. And she pretty much packed her entire room. Sophie hurriedly packed her suitcase, wishing she had started packing a little sooner. Were going to be a bad match., Foster, Foster, Foster. Keefe took her hand in his, and she could tell how fast her heart was beating. It looks pretty bad.. Love you all, Out With The Old, In With The New Part 2- (Option 1). I wish I couldve seen the look on his face! It's hard to describe, Ill just show you, He pulled out a small black box out of the bags, handing it to Sophie. Fun Fandom KotLC Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. "No worries Foster. Yeah, it doesnt look much like a centaur. Sophie lay back down, but she was once again too plagued with questions and worries to actually rest. But I wouldnt mind having a bite if you wanna try mine. The two of them traded forks, each taking some of the others food. It seemed completely natural for her to just lean her head against his shoulder and relax and just talk. Before, she had felt nothing special, just the shock of her decision, but this, this was something so much more. And don't you forget it, Sophie told him, in mock seriousness, though she might've been just alittlesmug about beating Keefe. Well take two bags of potato chips, two bottles of lemonade and two chocolate bars, Sophie told the stewardess pushing the drink cart. So were Keefe and her like boyfriend and girlfriend? She hated talking about this, even more than she hated talking about telling Grady. We didnt take that long! Biana protested, Right Sophie? Sophie stood silent, zoned out and staring puzzled at her friends. Fitzy. Smooth, Keefe butted in. She gulped, hyperventilating a little, her heart pounding so loud she wouldnt have been surprised if all of Kauai could hear it. Good. Dont worry about him, okay?. Could you fold these clothes? But even if they suspect something, I dont think nows the best time to tell everyone. She knew Keefe would feel the change in her mood and know exactly why she was feeling that way. Even though she felt bad about being so harsh, it felt as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Theres normally some kind of sauce or topping., Its ok, Im pretty picky about the sauce anyway, so it's nice to not have to worry about that.. Well, there arent a whole lot of brown gemstones, at least not at this store, so I got you something else. He explained, but it didnt quite feel like the truth, at least not the whole truth. Sophie gasped in surprise when she saw her. I know, but- Keefe argued, not accepting Sophies praise. I forbid it. "No. She doesn't know who to pick, Fitz or Keefe. Keefe could've won the contest for saddest smile in the world as he turned back to face her. I used to fly all the time with my family when I was younger. Sophie reassured her friends, many of whom shared Bianas concerns. Just didnt hear him come up behind me. My Boyfriend?! At least Keefe was stuck . Keefe smiled at her, the kind of grin that lit up his entire face and made her smile with him. You know everything I said before, about wanting to stay friends? Sophie hesitated, but kept talking, Well, I think we could be more than that. The words Keefe were about to say disappeared, pulled into the void along with all of her concerns. Really? She felt better now that they had talked about tit even if it hadnt felt good in the moment. The last thing I want to do is hurt your feelings, but I don't like you quite like that. #foster Oh. Sophie, weve been doing this for at least two hours, and you havent even gotten a single thing! Biana gestured to Sophies growing pile of rejected clothes, which almost rivaled the stack of dresses Biana had picked. Yep, she said nervously, biting her lip to keep from laughing. Besides, hell warm up to you eventually once he gets used to us. Edaline glared at them and they both looked down in guilt. If I can survive you being with Wonderboy, I think I can handle a little Team-Foster-Keefe, he answered. Thats Orroro. Even though she knew Keefe also had a photographic memory, she couldnt help but show off a little. But not everyone had spoken yet, and she turned to face Fitz and Dex, wondering what they were thinking. Kinda. It doesnt get much better than that. It was another day before Sophie was able to talk to Biana. But Sophie is struggling to keep up. Yep, we're just waiting on Keefe. (Cover art is not mine) Always - SoKeefe Fanfic But its totally different. They exchanged quick hellos, and soon Marella, Linh and Tam joined them. No, youve got it all wrong. I dont want any of your pity. They managed to get through the security line without much trouble, though they did stop Dex when they saw the strange gadgets he was carrying in his suitcase. I'd like that, Keefe said with the biggest grin shed ever seen, and she relaxed. I am sorry about the ultimatum. Aww, thats one of my favorite movie moments of all time! Sophie mentioned. This was so sweet of you.. Tam was comforting Linh, but Sophie knew he was just as scared as his sister. Sophie sighed again, feeling herself slowly succumb to Keefe's charms. (Cover art is not mine) The List of Triangles 56 pages 3 days ago Cheryl She would deal with them when she had time. Ill probably walk over to the town and meet him then. Sophie moved to get up and pack her bags, but Dex raised a hand to stop her. So, I know it seems like we have forever before we head back, but I wanted to take some time to figure out what were going to do when we get home. I'm impressed Foster," Keefe said happily, removing his hands from her eyes. He stood up as Sophie woke up to the three of them staring at her. Yup. I hope we can be friends again later, but right now we both just need to give each other space.. Why is this taking so long? Fitz remarked, turning back to look at his friends. He didn't even like it when Fitz and I were dating and Fitz is essentially his best friends son!. Why did you get blue raspberry Dex? Marella asked, It doesn't even sound like a real thing.. Mhmm, she said softly. Its okay if you cant right now, but I just have something I wanted to say. Fitz stepped out into the hall, hands fidgeting nervously. You are amazing. Off to the side was a carton of some kind of sparkling beverage. UPDATE: Keefes thoughts chapter. I know you're afraid but I really cannot feel my arm right now, Sophie whispered. Oh, its fine, she assured him, pausing to thank the waiter as her food arrived. Those are chickens. Without another word, Linh ran towards the flightless birds, leaving Tam with an exasperated look on his face, shaking his head at his sisters behavior. With that, Sophie walked away, ignoring the strange looks from everyone else in the restaurant. Actually, I do know some star names better than you,, Well, Im guessing you dont know human constellations very well, do you? she grinned, pointing out several stars. Soooooo, she said awkwardly, Are you ready now?. Adorable Sokeefe Fanfic Series. You look beautiful.. What were you really doing? Sophies mind spun with a million different ways to get out of this, but none of them ended well. He stopped laughing for a second, staring at her intently. I dont want to find out who my biological dad is though, which means theres no chance Im every going to be able to be matched. Talking was really easy to do with Keefe. Its a human style thing, I don't know I haven't been here in Hawaii like 10 years, Sophie stuttered Thanks for the jacket shirt thing though, she said softly. Everyone else splashed in the waves, Linh discreetly throwing arrows of water at Tam while Fitz, Keefe, Dex, and Marella pretended not to notice. They both laughed and Keefe grabbed her face with his hands. Do you mean that you and Keefe- he was cut off by Cora, who addressed Sophie, Youre not making any sense to the rest of us, so we would appreciate it if you started explaining., Fine, she replied, hoping that this would be over quickly, at the very least, Uh. Uh Fitz you sure about that? Keefe started to add. Sophie twirled a strand of spaghetti onto her fork. You know even Biana packed faster than you? Friends. Linh was in the process of changing, though she had needed to run down to the gift shop to buy a swimsuit. Please, have a seat, he offered, helping her onto one of the plush cushions scattered across the clearing. Id really like that.. And that's when Sophie had found him. Ill also have that. She glanced back at her friends to see how they were doing. Im not mad I'm just really confused, Sophie told him. Sophie smiled at him one more time before taking his face into her hands and pressing her lips to his. He's- Fitz was interrupted as Tam clamped a hand over his mouth. The gold accents twinkled, and sh just knew she had made the right decision in buying it. The bright one, above that cluster? Ill probably end up adding some song parodies for some events and characters in the series too. Congrats, Sophie," the doctor said with a smile. Yeah, Im fine. I want to make sure youve truly thought through what that means. She shouldnt be thinking of Fitz right now. Soon, it became apparent that the pasta wasnt going to stay in just one piece. Sandor and their other bodyguards wouldve been just a little too conspicuous. But I dont want to lose our friendship forever, and I hope youll accept my apology. Fitz finished with a sigh, looking down. Worries about their friends, their family and anything at all vanished. This hadnt been exactly how she had pictured his reaction, but there was still hope about their friendship. It's going to be the best wedding ever!" All I cared about was that you felt okay. She could see the confusion playing across his face as she took a deep breath for what felt like the 100th time during their conversation. ", "Wow! They both hope they'll end up in Good. There were a lot of trials to come with matchmaking and less difficult, but still incredibly trying, with Grady. Well, this is happening.. #staystrong Biana asked. He patted her shoulder as he started away again. Someone started to slow clap, and Sophie realized it was Tam when he spoke up. Thanks for taking the time to do all this. She smiled what she hoped was a convincing grin. Thats fine, I was going to talk to him later anyway., Okay, Fitzy, Keefe said as he moved closer to Sophie protectively. Ok I agree. I saw a movie that looked kinda good, it had two dogs eating pasta on the front! She was sick and tired of Fitz acting this way, and she needed him to know that. She hoped they would be in Kauai soon. j kirk and sons funeral notices, sidra hospital qatar vacancies for nurses, snowflake poems about being unique,

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